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Maria Cosmetics d.o.o. in processing herbs has a total capacity of 25,000 kg/day. To all our co-operators who meet our criteria on the quality of plantations we offer co-operative contracts, regardless of the capacity of each farmer.


Immortelle should be distilled as soon as possible after harvesting, 24 hours after, maximum. In case of longer stand, the drop in the yield quality may occur. The expected yields of essential oil vary from 8 to 12 kg/ha, and from approximately 500 kg of fresh Immortelle mass,about 1kg of Immortelle essential oil is obtained.

The processes of distillation of Immortelle in ecological production are the same as in drying. This means that the distillery has to be subjected to control of the ecological production control body, and each distillation process of Immortelle from ecological production must be reported to the same.

Destilation of the Immortelle with water vapor takes place in distillation boilers of different capacities. In distillation boilers, the Immortelleis stored on a perforated surface, through by water heating, water vapor is released. Water pairs extract the essential oil of Immortelle and so they flow into the capacitor. Water with essential oil is decanted in a separate vessel, where the oil as the lighter substance is separated on the surface of the water. Small amounts of essential oil are always contained in the distilled water from which the oil layer is separated. Those are: Aqua aromaticae or flower water, hydrolytes. They can also represent significant revenue because their application can be found in the cosmetics industry and in the soap and perfume industry. Essential oils are stored at low temperatures in a dark place. It is important that containers in which the oil is kept vacuum-tight to prevent polymerization and loss of quality.

Sometimes essential oils are treated after distillation, either by removing water or by extra purification. In aromatherapy we mostly like them as little cleaned as possible, besides the necessary techniques required for a quality product. It is also necessary to ensure that contact with air and moisture during storage is minimal.

Many essential oils contain dissolved smaller amounts of water. Water is very destructive to essential oils – due to its hydrolysis of the ester and the accelerated oxidation process of some hydrocarbons.

During storage, the water slowly separates from essential oils and sank, and in the filling process in small packs the water is filled with essential oil. Therefore, it is necessary that the manufacturer carefully processes the decanting (separation) of essential oil and hydrolates. If necessary, the essential oils must be dried with anhydrous sodium sulfate to remove residual moisture. Such a process is permitted because of the inertness of sodium sulphate which does not change the olfactory and chemical properties of the oil. Use other drying resources such as sodium hydroxide, calcium chloride or phosphorous pentoxide is not permitted, because the molecules of essential oils react with these substances.


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