Dear farmers and subcontractors of Destilerija Brotnjo.

We inform you that “Destilerija Brotnjo” has completed the purchase and distillation of Immortelle for the summer season 2017.
In the past period, Destilerija Brotnjo bought all the Immortelle mass offered to us from Stolac, Mostar, Čapljina, Čitluk, Ljubuški, Široki Brijeg, Grude and Posušje.

We did not allow any Immortelle producer to come to the situation where he has no one to sell his own Immortelle mass or to be forced to sell it for nothing.

During this period we physically visited over 90% of the plantations. We took samples, made basic analyzes of the quality and quantity of oil from these plantations, and created a database of farmers and plantations.
In this way, we would like to send a message to the producers that we should all work together to put things in place if we want this story to develop in a good way.

One should be careful what kind of seed is planted, where the plantation is planted (it is not good to be along the road, vineyards, mines…) and with what it’s treated.

With the purchase price and the conditions we have offered to the farmers, we have been aware that those who do not meet the criteria of the analysis will not be redeemed, and the one that will meet will not be paid the same – the minimum price is 2 BAM/kg maximum 2.5 BAM/kg depending on the analysis, quantity and Immortelle class.

Thanks to God and his providence, which has enabled us to redeem this amount of Immortelle mass, thanks to our hardworking farmers who have invested their effort, time and money to produce the Immortelle from which the highest quality essential oil is obtained and thanks to the distillery owners who put their own the distilleries available to us so that we can technically and operationally complete this venture.

With God’s help, we believe that we accomplished: prevented the break-up of the Immortelle story, restored hope to the people that it is possible for the Immortelle producers to live decent and worthy from the fruits of their hands and slow the process of emigration…

Our beloved farmers, unfortunately, many people have been trying from the beginning – coordinated and organized to break the work of “Destilerija Brotnjo”, and compromise me and my associates with various stories with the ultimate goal of breaking this positive venture of valuable Herzegovinians and accelerating the process of emigration.
They tried to make you confused and despairing with the various fake stories like “Zvirovići” and buying oil for 1000 Euros … Thank God they did not succeed. Do not think they have something personal against me. Their activities are primarily directed against you and your children.

So, please beware of these “bugs” who walk around, disinforming and confusing the people – adding to it additional discomfort and rancor. Remember well these foxes that are with you and work against the good of your and our children.
It would be good for the state government, with its authority and power, to engage in this overwhelming topic for many families from the area of Herzegovina, who are at the turning point of their lives. Go to to the unknown or stay in their native country.
Protect the people from these para-intelligence games to which they are exposed.

Destilerija Brotnjo,
Pero Barbarić – Pepi