My name is Zina Hodžić-Čengić and I am 43. For the past 10 years I have had problems with hyper-pigmentation of the skin in the face area. Everything I’ve tried so far has been minimal or almost no improvement. I went to many dermatologists, used various creams, went to facial cleanser with fruit acids, but there was no significant improvement until I got the creams Maria (day cream and night cream) as a gift. I started using them every day without any great hope.

Initially, the night cream caused me a slight pricking. At first, I even thought I am allergic to it. However, after only about ten days, I began to see clear changes on my face. Later, I realized that that slight pricking was actually the cleansing of my skin. After about three weeks the stains on my face were almost gone. I continued to use Maria creams regularly.

I’m a happy woman today. I can finally go out without powder and full of confidence… Of course, I still use Maria creams. I highly recommend Maria creams to everyone; girls, women, mothers.

Besides having a high degree of effectiveness due to its healing composition, it also has a calming effect on you, especially night cream – after exhausting day.